Online portal for monitoring system for beer kegs

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Its a keg monitoring system which allows users to know how much beer is in their kegs and how much was sold/used. This system is designed for restaurants but also works for home users with a single keg to see users keg status from their phone or their computer instantly.

  • Time Duration 05 Months
  • Team Effort 01 Persons


KegData™ is a Texas LLC specializing in remote fluid measuring technologies. They are currently specializing in beer but have the capacity to measure any fluid remotely anywhere in the world and report levels and usage autonomously.

  • Notifications of how much beer is in users keg as soon as they hook it up and pour a beer.
  • Sends temperature alerts if users refrigerator is warming up.
  • Has an auto order feature that will notify supplier that user need a new keg.
  • The coupler auto releases when users keg is empty so no foam in the lines (commercial units only)
  • Providing reporting for any period of time.
  • Charts and graphs to track details of pours and levels.
  • Email user of low levels and empty.