10 Effective Tips for Designing Excellent Software Mobile Apps UI in 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Almost every company is trying to win against one another these days by introducing the latest technology trends. One such trend is mobile apps with better UI, and this definitely cannot be ignored. Many countries are coming up with excellent trends for catchy mobile UI, and India is one of them. Contacting a mobile app development company in India that could bring your brand to life is the best thing you can do for your business.

    • Mobile software applications are gaining immense traction in today’s technologically driven world. As the majority of the users, both individuals and professionals are inclined towards using the apps that are available on just one click in a smartphone, the demand for user interface has dramatically increased. Therefore, if you have plans to launch a mobile app for your business, your software Development Company or team needs to make sure that it sits well with the targeted audience. Below is a list of 10 useful tips that can help you design an excellent software mobile app UI in 2020:

    • 1. Versatile in terms of platforms

Due to technological advancements, there are many devices on which applications may be accessed. Unless you are targeting a specific platform, for example, IOS or android, make an application that allows an excellent user experience in all of the platforms. This is also helpful because platforms experience a constant shift in user dynamics, so no matter the user device preference at a particular time, your app will remain relevant.

    • 2. Be smart with the colors

Colors of a mobile software application instantly leave an impression on the user. It can affect the user’s mood and perception; therefore, remember to be smart with choosing the right colors. The color palette you select should match your company’s official colors. Avoid unnecessary textures and compositions as they are not visually appealing. In India, many medium and large scale businesses are launching mobile apps that have excellent UI to grab the attention of users. Get services of a reliable android app development company in India to up your business game.

    • 3. Choose a suitable picture format

If your application allows downloading of graphic content, especially pictures, make sure that everything is in the right format for downloading. It is not the size of the file that causes an application to crash while downloading is in the process; instead, it is the inappropriate file formats. It is indeed a critical job to be done by a software development company, but if you have invested in the right one, the process will be smooth and user-friendly.

    • 4. Sharp button edges are not a must

Since all devices have rectangular screens, software development companies tend to create in-app buttons that have square corners so that they may be able to fit in nicely. However, this is not necessary. If you feel like curving or softening the edges might improve the overall look of the app, go for it. Also, with the advancements in technology, we can expect mobile companies to launch curvy screens devices soon, so these icons would also go with them well.

    • 5. Don’t overcomplicate

Remember that your application should be accessible by all, regardless of the prior app experience and technological literacy. There is no need to go extremely minimalistic or over the top while pursuing this. Just keep all actions straightforward and accessible in the minimum possible number of steps. If you can’t have an in-house app development team, hire a reliable mobile app development company in India, where you can get excellent services at affordable rates.

    • 6. Pay attention to the logo

An app logo is like salt in food – if appropriate, then isn’t noticeable; however, if inappropriate, it leaves one unsettled. A lousy logo for your application is a sign of a lack of professionalism and leaves a bad impression. This is specifically for those companies who are relying entirely on a mobile app for their business. Keep the logo catchy and conceptual so that it can attract the audience.

    • 7. The text should be readable

Do not go overboard with styling the text in your application. A little bit of stylizing where required does not harm. However, if you overdo the text by using a complicated font style, size, and color, the text would be less legible and negatively affect user impression. You are going to make an app only once, so make sure it is noticeable, and for this purpose, appointing any good mobile app development company could be useful.

    • 8. Iconography can make applications intuitive

Some icons have gained mainstream recognition, such that users don’t have to read what they represent now, for example, messenger apps, social apps, and photo editing apps. These mobile apps feel intuitive. Using such popular iconography in your app can improve accessibility and add to user experience. Also, users will remember your brand for long.

    • 9. High-quality images do magic

Visual cues are crucial in app design. High-resolution images are high-quality images and give a professional look to your application. They have also been shown to increase user engagement. Make sure to add high-quality images to your app for better user experience.

    • 10. Always beta test

Before introducing a new app feature to users, software and mobile app development companies should go for beta testing with a selected few random users. Get feedback from them and see what significant changes and updates you can make to your new features.