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Cross Platform is known to many as the holy grail of software development. Our engineers and experts are equipped with the right development tricks to help you stay ahead of the tech curve!

Webnyxa is the Ideal Choice to Reap the benefits of a Cross-Platform Application

Why develop a new code for every different platform, when you can build it once and deploy it on as many platforms as you want? Such a phenomenon is known to many as cross-platform development or to others as the holy grail of building a software. First, it was Adobe Flash then HTML 5 and then the rest of the digital world that took full advantage of this brilliant innovation.

Although many cross-platform development tools may be freely available and you may even have long range of competent developers at your disposal but none can do the job with the level of finesse Webnyxa developers’ can, and that is a fact!

For a growing business, it’s a highly compelling idea. Not only do save time and money, but you can cut the development and maintenance costs in half. And from a developer’s standpoint, you get to work with highly familiar and user-friendly coding languages, namely JavaScript and C#, making the job that much easier.

Even the easiest of jobs can become a real pain if you hire the wrong help. So choose the option that many from the nation already have, Webnyxa. The only place where you can get a stunning multi-platform experience that will meet your industry, business, and vertical needs.

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A cross-platform mobile app development framework powered by Facebook. React Native uses the same user interface (UI) blocks as IOS and Android; hence, an app built using React Native is way better than a mobile web app or a hybrid app. Fortunately for you, Webnyxa is the leading react native app developers that manufacture close native mobile apps using JavaScript and React.JS.

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One of the most popular open-source mobile application development tool – PhoneGap, allows you to work with a single code base but with a set of different technologies. Webnyxa can help you leverage the most out this tool using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web APIs alongside jQuery Mobile, and Backbone.js, etc.

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Built on standard web technology, Ionic is an open-source framework that helps developers build beautiful and lightning fast cross-platform hybrid and progressive web pages with ease. Webnyxa specializes in the working of such a framework and has an experienced crew and some of the best experts working onboard that can build ionic apps using HTML5, CSS, and Angular JS.

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Alongside React Native, Xamarin is considered to be the top cross-platform framework for mobile application development. Acquired back in 2013 by Microsoft, Xamarin was successfully integrated into Visual Studio with C# as its base for app development and had an SDK for both IOS and Android.



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