A quotation and order portal for the acquisition and purchase of second hand technology equipment

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  • Web & Enterprise Portals
  • Custom Web Development
  • Canvas.js
  • Ajax
  • Jquery
  • JavaScript
  • PayPal
  • Bootstrap
  • MySQL
  • Laravel

Specification of their device(s) is being made via a guided (multi step) process where each step offers a defined list of options along with snapshot of all values is recorded.

Based on the selections a price is made with small profit margins against items it essential a hardware configuration is as accurately assessed as is feasible is derived at for each item entered within the quote. Along with devises conditions at which it resides.

The functionality of the quote is governed by the Client type(1. Enterprise 2. Store) . Client is representing a company or organisation that can have quotes created by its assigned users. Clients is supporting a hierarchical (parent, child) structure.

A quote may be saved and edited over a period of time. Once the quote are presented there is a fixed amount of time that the client accepts it before it expires and is no longer valid. User are able to create a pickup request for accepted quotes against a client for freight.

Fully customizable web portal with a highly organized administrative panel to manage users, quotes, categories, products, pages and reviews with various types of reports.